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This is a guide for online campaign workshops

In today’s interconnected world, civil society organizations in many countries share similar aims and face joint challenges.

Exchanging experiences, sharing resources and coordinating efforts is becoming ever more important. This guide empowers organizations from different countries to create social media campaigns together using online workshops.

Why this guide?

We at creative agency SOCIAL SOCIAL believe that social media can be a great tool to help civil society organizations in their work!

Social media campaigns have massive potential to raise awareness and mobilise support for social issues. Movements such as #metoo and #blacklivesmatter show: even with simple means, huge impact is possible!

That’s why we want to support organizations that are thinking about collaborating together using online workshops to develop their own social media campaigns. This guide is mainly aimed at organizations who have the support of an agency – but can also be used for organizations with their own creative teams.

Because it’s not difficult to workshop together to create powerful campaigns.

This guide shows you how,
in 6 simple stages!

Bring me to Stage 1. Preparation

With thanks to filia.die frauenstiftung and the Federal Foreign Office in Germany for making this guide possible.
To read more about our experience and the transnational feminist campaign that inspired this guide, go to Background.