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In 2019, filia.die frauenstiftung, and the Women’s Funds of Armenia, Georgia, and Ukraine launched Grassroots Women, a transnational cooperation to oppose ongoing antifeminist and antidemocratic tendencies. The cooperation united twelve organizations with the aim of sending a strong, feminist signal in defence of women’s organizations and civil society. 

The project consisted of two phases: in the first phase, two local women’s organizations conducted research into the workings of the forces that threaten civil society organizations.


In the second phase, we at SOCIAL SOCIAL organized a series of six online workshops with the participating organizations, in close cooperation with the filia.die frauenstiftung.


The workshops were designed to support exchange and discussion of the research findings, to empower local organizations in social media techniques, and to develop a transnational campaign demonstrating the importance of civil society and women’s organizations on International Women Human Rights Defenders Day, 29 November 2020. Impressions from the campaign can be found here.


The project is supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.


SOCIAL SOCIAL joins the communicative and social forces of the Berlin creative agencies Kemmler Kemmler and Studio Hoekstra. In 2018, Sebastian Kemmler and Jon Hoekstra launched the SOCIAL SOCIAL study - projects with various organizations followed fast - and as a result the platform and agency of the same name was founded in 2019. And all for one goal: MAKE SOCIAL SOCIAL!