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5: Fine Concept

🎯 Stage objective: finalize the campaign concept

The fine concept stage is where your workshop group will review the detailed campaign concept. This is really exciting: it’s the point where your campaign starts to come alive!

To get to this point, the agency (or creative team) working for you will have taken the general concept chosen and discussed in the previous workshops and continued developing it into a fine concept. Ask them to present it to you at this workshop stage, so you can reach a decision on how to finalize the concept.

Here we look at:

1. What’s a fine concept?
2. What feedback is needed?
3. What happens next?


1. What’s a fine concept?

A fine concept is a detailed campaign idea. It includes full information on how the campaign looks, how it will work, and the messages, taglines or hashtags to be used. Concepts for campaign materials such as images, videos or animations are fully designed.


2. What feedback is needed?

At the fine concept stage your campaign should be nearly ready for approval! So, the scope for feedback is more reduced. But your workshop group still needs to be happy with the final idea, as this is the last stage for any input.


Use the workshop to discuss issues such as what formats are required for the roll-out and finalize any hashtags to be used. The agency or creative team will need clear feedback on what materials they should produce.


For transnational campaigns the local adaptations should be discussed at this stage too. Remember that there is no one size fits all solution for transnational campaigns! How far the campaign needs to be adapted for each country that you want to launch it in depends on the strategy you chose previously.


Minimum requirement: the campaign materials need to be translated into each local language.

If your strategy includes locally adapted campaigns, you should work with the organizations in each country to finalize messages for each country. You could do this during the fine concept workshop in breakout groups, or as an additional step afterwards.


3. What happens next?

At this stage your campaign is nearly ready! All that needs to be done is to produce the final campaign materials based on your input from the fine concept workshop, together with translations and any local adaptations.

This means you can start preparing for the last stage: LAUNCH! 🚀

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