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Here we have a few more cheats to make your digital workshops even more successful!

1.     Order, order 📦
2.    Feedback is priceless 🙋🏽‍♀️
3.    Record, rewatch, recycle ♻️


1. Order, order

Use the same clear structure for each workshop. For example:

  • Start with a recap of the previous workshops
  • Show where you are in the overall plan
  • Introduce the objectives for that workshop
  • At the end, summarize what was discussed
  • Finish with an outlook to the next workshop

Have a good mix of types of tasks:


individual tasks; work in pairs; group work; and full plenary sessions where everyone works together. Extra tip: allow plenty of time for people to present their group work and discuss it afterwards!


Name tags:

Encourage participants to set their names in the digital platform by name, organization, and country – to make it easy to recognize who is talking!


Don’t forget that in online workshops you have to make more space for informal interactions, which would happen naturally in a real-life setting.


2. Feedback is priceless

What’s the best way to make your workshops run even better? Feedback! Especially when running multiple digital workshops with participants that have diverse backgrounds and needs, gathering feedback is a valuable way to adjust your formats and improve collaboration.

Two great approaches are:

1. Group reflection at the end of a session. A quick format: ask participants to share their one key takeaway. For more rich feedback, use the Loved, Learned, Lacked, Longed for method.

2. Feedback surveys - some digital conference platforms such as Zoom allow you to integrate simple questions; for more advanced feedback surveys you could use tools such as SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, or Microsoft Forms.


3. Record, rewatch, recycle

One built-in advantage of online workshops: you can record the workshops! This is an easy way to create a fantastic resource for the future. Anyone that missed a session can catch up on the discussions afterwards by watching the videos, together with the presentations and group tasks. Use a shared platform for this!


Make sure to check that everyone is happy to be recorded – do this in your first workshop!  And be clear how the recording will be used (we recommend internally only).

Once you launch your campaign, be sure to document the material that is shared and what reactions and discussions it generates. Do this by downloading posts or taking screenshots. This also forms useful material for future learning.

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